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What to Know About Pet Joint Health

Age is not a disease. We say that all the time in medicine, because it’s true. “He’s slowing down” is an observation, but it’s not a diagnosis. All too many times, when I’m asking someone how their pet is doing they will say, “Well, he’s slowing down, but he’s old. What are you going to…

Key Ingredients Missing from Most Pet Foods

Wisely, more and more pet parents seek out foods for their dogs and cats that contain probiotics.  However, the quality, application and overall formulation matter. Can you be sure you’re choosing the best product? Here’s how to be a savvy shopper when it comes to researching kibble with probiotics: Species Specific Blend Most probiotics on…

FDA Recall Issued After Dog Deaths

The FDA has added a list of countries where the recalled product may have been exported by Midwestern Pet Foods. As of this date, approximately 110 dogs have died and 210 have gotten sick. The countries affected are listed below. On January 11, 2021, the FDA reported that Midwestern Pet Foods has expanded the recall…

Did Someone Say Chocolate?

Enjoy Your Favorite Comfort Food This time of year looks very different for many of us, especially this one. But it’s in these special times we can still enjoy the simple pleasures that only chocolate can provide. Those warm and fuzzy vibes are still there for the taking, or rather, the making… or maybe it’s…

Have You Considered Buffalo

If you’re looking for a safe and unique treat for your dog, consider Life’s Abundance buffalo lungs for the following reasons…

Taurine, the Missing Ingredient

Finding taurine in dog food brands has been practically unheard of. When taurine levels in your dog’s blood are low, the heart will become weaker and will not be able to circulate blood through the body properly.

Green Has Never Tasted So Good

Life’s Abundance Greens Blend has a delicious-yet-subtle berry flavor and silky smooth texture. It mixes easily with water or into your favorite smoothie. It is one of the best tasting GMO-free greens blends on the market and leaves no “grassy” aftertaste.

Bored of Water? Hydrate With These Tips

Do you know someone who says, “I’m tired of drinking water!” Maybe you even feel that way yourself. Getting past your taste buds can be a challenge, especially if you’re not sure where to turn for healthy alternatives.

Pet Dental Health and Disease

Does Your Fur Kid Have Dental Disease? If your dog or cat is over the age of two, then the answer is “highly likely”.

The Brain-Gut Connection

There is a book available on Amazon called “The Mind-Gut Connection: How the Hidden Conversation Within Our Bodies Impacts Our Mood, Our Choices, and Our Overall Health” by Dr. Mayer. John Hopkins has also weighed in on the subject, supporting the fact that IBS can cause or exacerbate depression and/or anxiety. Whether you have been…


The best way to earn $15 per hour is from home

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Each month I'm able to train a handful of
people who want to make extra income.
Would you like to be next?